I'm a multi-skilled creative with more than a decade of experience in the conceptualization and development of high-quality digital products, enabling business capability and objectives through technology. During the last four years as a design lead and a design manager guiding agile projects, I've delivered complex and cross-functional products and programs from scratch within aggressive timelines; being able to balance user-oriented decision-making with a strategic business perspective.

I've worked on fast-growing startups worldwide, which has given me the ability to identify variations in cultural needs and expectations. I’ve also learned how to adapt quickly to new methodologies, software, and processes. 

What do I do?

  • I'm good at balancing structure and artistic freedom when guiding designers.
  • I usually go off on a tangent, but I'm aware of that and come back to the point. That makes me a great storyteller.
  • I have the ability to traverse from abstract to concrete.
  • I can understand a problem and open multiple perspectives to solve it.
  • I'm a critical thinker who doesn't marry the first idea.
  • I feel deep, and it's exhausting, but it allows me to be highly empathetic.
  • I'm passionate about structured and well-organized systems.
  • I like to read and write, and I think I'm good at it.

I started learning about Human-Centered Design back in college when studying Industrial Design. I didn't feel really passionate about designing home appliances, industrial machines, or cars' dashboards; but I always felt attracted to the human relationship with artifacts, and the automatic responses during the interaction; similar to how we as adults understand without further explanation, how to hold a pair of scissors.

I feel that my objective as a designer is to build digital products, centered on the human experience, inspired by our physical realm and its textures. I strongly believe the virtual world's lack of physical constraints, allows stories to unfold with unlimited possibilities for expression and transformation.

UX Skills

Interviews and surveys


User Flows

Information Architecture


Rapid Prototyping

UI Skills

Interaction Design

Branding Styleguides

Design Systems

HiFi Mockups

Design Processes

Ideation & Brainstorming

Customer Journey Map

User Story Map

Feature Prioritization

People Management

Culture Experimentation

Building a Support System


De-escalating conflict to maintain a calm and constructive work environment