Design as a creative activity, promotes personal and intimate practices, not only for users but for designers. Design boosts a space in which we define ourselves as creative individuals constantly modifying reality.


Hi, I’m Sara! I am passionate about developing projects with smart conceptual thinking and a vigorous visual language. I see myself as a curious person, always finding inspiration in my surroundings. My work is mainly focused on UX/UI design, Art Direction, and Illustration.


I finished my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in Bogotá (Colombia, my home country). Later, I moved to Barcelona (Spain) where I obtained a master’s degree in Art Direction. I decided to stay for a while. But the short-term project easily ends up in five years of working as a graphic designer. In 2016, I decided to make a change in my career and moved to Bangkok (Thailand). Here is where you can find me now, wandering around.

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· Conceptual thinking
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